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Books about Sedona

Richard and Sherry Mangum
Sedona Hikes

Two local authors have written this guide that's a favorite with residents and vistors. 130 Sedona area hikes, with clear directions and black and white photographs.

"Cosmic Ray"
Favorite Hikes: Flagstaff & Sedona

29 Sedona area hikes, with hand-drawn maps and lots of personality. This is a great choice if you are also planning to visit Flagstaff (2500 feet higher than Sedona, and a totally different climate and experience).

Wayne Ranney
Sedona through Time

Where the red rocks came from: 300 million years of Big Events, described in an interesting, even passionate way by a geologist who obviously loves Sedona.

Anne Epple
Plants of Arizona

There's a lot more out there than cactus. This classic guide gives descriptions and artistic full-color photographs to help you identify and appreciate Sedona's plantlife.

Ian Sheldon
Animal Tracks of Arizona & New Mexico

Catching a rare glimpse of a majestic wild animal can be an awesome experience. Just spotting paw prints and figuring out what you missed seeing doesn't really come close, but when life hands you lemons...


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