Bell Rock / Courthouse Butte / Spaceship Rock

This flat loop around massive Courthouse Butte takes you to two interesting rock formations: Bell Rock (a well-known landmark and purported vortex site) and Spaceship Rock (hidden and under-appreciated).

Trailhead:  From the 89A / 179 "Y" ... take 179 south 6.4 miles;
parking lot is on your left (just before Bell Rock Blvd).
Length: 5 miles (loop)   Elevation change: 200 ft
Notes: Names on trail signs are sometimes confusing, because sections of the Courthouse Loop trail coincide with two other trails (Big Park Loop and Bell Rock Pathway).

          hiking trail map: bell rock, sedona

The Hike

(Going counterclockwise around Courthouse Butte)


bell rock
Bell Rock from the south
(note profile of face looking upward)


coyote print     flowers
Coyote tracks and tiny flowers along the trail


courthouse butte     rabbit ears
Courthouse Butte from the southeast, and the Rabbit Ears


spaceship rock
Spaceship Rock


bell path loop trail sign   bell rock from the north
Bell Rock from the climbable north side. The "bell rock trail" lets you climb part
way up; the "path" and "loop" take you around the base, back to your car.


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