Sedona Hikes

Sedona has an extensive network of well-marked, well-maintained trails. Here are a few good ones, listed roughly in order of increasing effort. All of them have trailhead parking that's easy to get to on paved roads (and all require parking passes).

No trails have water sources, so you should always carry water; bring a hat and sunscreen in summer months; and take it easy if you are just arriving from lower elevations.

           Cathedral Rock seen from the Bell Rock Path
Cathedral Rock seen from the Bell Rock Pathway


Wilson CanyonShady in Summer
Fay CanyonShady; Arch
Sugarloaf / Thunder MountainRed Rock Landmarks
Bell Rock / Courthouse Butte / Spaceship RockLoop Trail
Boynton Canyon
Airport MesaViews, Loop Trail
Soldier Pass / Brin's MesaLoop Trail
Cathedral RockViews, Steep
Munds Wagon TrailJeeps



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