Soldier Pass / Brin's Mesa

This loop trail through the Red Rock Secret Mountain Wilderness offers moderate elevation changes and lots of variety: the Devil's Sinkhole and Seven Sacred Pools near the beginning, massive arches along the canyon wall during the climb up Soldier Pass, and long views from the top of Brin's Mesa. You even get to see Steamboat Rock from an angle that makes it really look like a boat.

Trailhead:  From the 89A / 179 "Y" ... take 89A west 1.3 miles;
turn right on Soldiers Pass Road for 1.5 miles;
turn right on Rim Shadows for 0.2 miles;
parking lot is on your left.
Length: 5 miles (loop)   Elevation change: 800 ft
Notes: Parking lot is gated and locked from 6 PM to 8 AM. There's an alternate parking area accessible from the top of Jordan Road in Uptown Sedona.

hiking trail map: soldier pass / brins mesa loop, sedona

The Hike

Heading clockwise: Soldier Pass > Brin's Mesa > Cibola Pass > Jordan Trail.


sphinx rock
The Sphinx from near the trailhead


7 sacred pools
Seven Sacred Pools
(Soldier Pass Trail)


soldier pass arches
Arches / Caves in Soldier Pass - Brin's Mesa is above


brin's mesa
On Brin's Mesa: meadows, and scooped-out Wilson Mountain
(photo taken before the fire of 2006)


cibola mittens   steamboat rock
Cibola Rock and Steamboat Rock from Cibola Pass Trail


javelina in cibola pass   cibola sunset
Javelina in Cibola Pass at sunset

Detour: Arches

    Look for a well-established but unnamed trail just to the right of this Wilderness Boundary sign along the Soldier Pass trail; it takes you up into the Soldier Pass arches.


arch interior
Under an arch, looking up

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