Fay Canyon

Fay is a shady canyon with a stone arch and a diverse collection of plant life, from the usual cactus and yuccas at the start, to a near jungle of wild grapes and alligator juniper in the middle, to a dense oak forest at the end. This is one of the best places in Sedona to see wildflowers in the Spring.

Trailhead:  From the 89A / 179 "Y" ... take 89A west 3.2 miles;
turn right on Dry Creek Road for 2.9 miles;
turn left on 152C for 1.5 miles;
turn left on Boynton Pass road for 0.5 miles;
parking lot is on your left.
Length: 3 miles (out and back)   Elevation change: 500 ft

hiking trail map: fay canyon, west sedona

The Hike


fay canyon arch (bridge)     fay canyon chimney
Fay's arch blends into the canyon walls and is very easy to miss; start looking for it as soon as you pass the distinctive chimney rock.


under the fay canyon arch     artemesia near the fay canyon arch
Behind the arch, and some artemesia growing nearby. The arch is reachable via a well-established unofficial trail - look for piles of stones marking the way on the main trail.


rock slide
Most people give up when they get to these fallen boulders, but the trail continues behind them to the right, and into an oak forest.


wild geranium
Geranium in the oak forest.


end wall of fay canyon
Canyon walls at the end of the trail.



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