Wilson Canyon

This trail is mainly level and unusually shady, making it the perfect hike for hot weather. At the very end the trail climbs above tree level onto a small exposed hill, giving you 360 degree views of the canyon walls. There is also a detour that lets you see Steamboat Rock close-up.

Trailhead:  From the 89A / 179 "Y" ... take 89A north 1.9 miles;
parking lot is on your left just past Midgley Bridge.
Length: 3 miles (out and back)   Elevation change: 400 ft
Notes: Parking lot can get crowded on summer weekends.

          hiking trail map: wilson canyon, sedona

The Hike

trail sign near the start of the wilson canyon trail     waterfall along the left fork
This ambiguous sign near the beginning indicates a fork in the trail.
The right fork is the "real" trail; left is a rough trail with seasonal waterfalls.


scrub oak (wilson canyon trail)     (jim thompson trail)
Some of the local plantlife


view from the end of the wilson canyon trail
View of canyon walls from the end of the trail


Detour: Jim Thompson Trail

The Jim Thompson Trail branches off of the main trail about a quarter of the way into the canyon. It takes you to the base of Steamboat Rock and provides views of the canyon walls along the way.

view from the jim thompson trail     looking up at steamboat rock from the jim thompson trail
View from the Jim Thompson Trail, and Steamboat Rock


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