Sedona Landmarks: Getting Oriented

The reference point for all Sedona locations is "The Y", which is what everybody calls the intersection of highways 89A and 179:

map: sedona red rock landmarks

Uptown Sedona, just north of the Y, is a pedestrian-friendly district of shops, galleries, restaurants, and hotels. It's a great place to sit in the shade and stare at the landscape, tourists, and local characters. snoopy rock, uptown sedona
Snoopy Rock
coffeepot rock, west sedona
Coffeepot Rock
      West Sedona is more typically suburban (except for the giant red rock formations). Highway 89A in West Sedona is the town's major commercial strip.
South of the Y, the landscape opens up. The Village of Oak Creek is several hundred feet lower than the rest of Sedona, and generally a few degrees warmer. cathedral rock, south of the Y
Cathedral Rock

The place to see most of these landmarks is at the "mini" Airport Mesa.


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