Sugarloaf / Thunder Mountain

This relatively flat trail system is designed for an easy scenic wandering in the red rock hills above West Sedona. You can head west to Chimney Rock, east to Coffeepot Rock, or climb Sugarloaf for views.

Trailhead:  From the 89A / 179 "Y" ... take 89A west 2.0 miles;
turn right on Coffeepot Drive for 0.6 miles;
turn left on Sanborn for 0.2 miles;
turn right on Little Elf Drive and follow trailhead signs;
parking lot is on your left.
Length: Open-ended   Elevation change: 200 ft
Notes: (1) There is a confusing tangle of paths at the trailhead; the official trail is on the right.
(2) Sugarloaf Loop is much easier to follow if you do it counterclockwise.

hiking trail map: sugarloaf / teacup / thunder mountain, sedona

The Hike

chimney rock
Chimney Rock


thunder mountain
Thunder Mountain (a.k.a. Capitol Butte)


ship rock and steamboat rock from sugarloaf

Views from the top of Sugarloaf: [Sailing-]Ship Rock (a.k.a.The Fin) and Steamboat Rock (above), Cathedral Rock behind Airport Mesa (below).

cathedral rock from sugarloaf


coffeepot rock
Coffeepot Rock


coyote on sugarloaf

This is a good trail at sunset, which is also a good time to spot
rabbits, quail, and well-fed coyotes...

chimney rock at sunset


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